A Case for Solar PV

-Rikesh Mathew

1. Saves you money

Having a PV system requires an upfront capital. The upside however is that you will be saving tons of cash on the electricity that you would have otherwise imported from the grid. Since the system is often guaranteed to function for 25 to 30 years. You will breakeven and produce profits after a few years. Furthermore, the long lifespan of the plant works as a hedge against inflating electricity prices.

2. Energy Independence

You produce energy locally, so you do not need to import much power from the grid. Even with blackouts, you will be able to run essential household items without worrying. You also have the choice of complete energy independence by installing an off-grid PV system coupled with batteries. 

3. Environmental Sustainability

You are extracting the energy from the sun and producing clean renewable electricity. There are no emissions and so pollution is also not a concern in the operational phase. You are also offsetting the usage of non-renewable resources.

4. Easy to Install

Due to increasing popularity, finding a solar contractor in your locality is easy, these contractors do all the work, keeping you hassle-free. Additionally, the maintenance 

5. Low Maintenance

Solar PV has no moving parts, and hence is not subject to much wear and tear. They are dependable and only require cleaning once or twice a year generally.

6. Increases your property value

Your PV system is classified as an asset, so by definition, the value of your property will be higher with it than without. They become an attractive selling point to potential buyers.

7. Tax Incentives

There is a strong push towards renewables, in almost all parts of the globe. As a result, most governments are offering tax benefits or rebates to those who have a PV system installed.

8. Supports your local economy

You will be supporting local businesses that do the design and installation of your PV system. You on the other hand will be enjoying all the benefits mentioned above – a true win-win situation

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